A Worm Welcome


We’ve all been the new kid before, trying to find our way in a new place, job, or school (maybe even a combination of these). It takes time and a lot of hard-earned experience to shake the label of “new kid.” I remember the first time I was given this label. It was the first day of fourth grade and my family had just moved from California’s Central Coast to Northern California. As I stepped out of my mother’s car and onto the school’s asphalt, I quickly realized that I stuck out like a sore thumb. My outfit was all wrong, which is very hard to do when you go to a school where uniforms are mandatory. Yet, there I stood, wearing 1950s-style black and white saddle shoes (I thought this would be a good look based solely on the entire movie Grease); a thick cotton polo shirt that made me look l was preparing to compete at Wimbledon (the only option left when I bought my uniform); and a bulky Hawaiian floral print messenger bag (there’s no excuse for this choice, as I picked it out immediately upon flipping through a PB Teen catalog). Conversely, my fellow female classmates had shiny Converse sneakers, white blouses with peter pan collars, and solid Jansport backpacks. The only thing we had in common was the yellow and green plaid skirt, which to be honest, did not help either of our styles in any way.

Immediately upon realizing my fashion mistakes, I panicked. I rushed to find my assigned seat in the hopes that I could at least hide my feet under my desk. The prick of tears at the back of my eyeballs, trying to creep their way out, only made me panic more. The last thing I needed was to add tears and snot to my already muddled aesthetic. Luckily, the girl across from me saved me from sobbing all over my desk and shot me a smile as she introduced herself. She was also new to the school, although she had clearly gotten the memo about the peter pan blouses. I complimented her impressive collection of gel pens, and we instantly became friends. I felt comforted with the knowledge that we new kids would stick together.

Flash forward to today, as I prepare to wear the “new kid” label once again. In a few days, I will be moving to New York City and I’ve never been more excited to be a small worm in the Big Apple. While I’m sure I’ll metaphorically don an out of place pair of saddle shoes, tennis shirt, and loud messenger bag, I know, like all tried-and-true “new kids” know that I will find my way as I go along. As I do, I want to document my time here and show you all the city has to offer from the eyes of a newbie. I’m talking both good and bad experiences, from scoping out the best pizza to getting lost in the subway (both the public transportation and the sandwich establishment; I wouldn’t rule out either one just yet). I’m hoping that blogging my adventures in the city will not only force me to explore my new home, but also to provide a source of information to those of you who are thinking about moving to New York and starting your own adventures as fellow small worms in the Big Apple. Like my first friend back in the fourth grade, I want to extend my welcome to you. After all, we “new kids” have to stick together.

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