NYC’s Newest Dessert Craze: Sweet Ramen

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed since moving to New York City, it’s that there is no shortage of unique and creative foods. In fact, in the three weeks I’ve been here, I’ve tried a variety of interesting and delicious concoctions like butternut squash mac and cheese, sweet potato burgers, and edible cookie dough. It seems New York City always has a finger on the pulse of innovative foods. Insider’s newest video about The Dessert Kitchen’s sweet ramen takes an in-depth look at just one of those foods you can only find in the Big Apple.

While searching for New York City desserts online, Insider’s video immediately caught my attention. My first reaction to the video title was: how could someone possibly make a dessert version of noodles in broth? It made me think of when a contestant on Chopped makes a soup in the dessert round and you just know instantly that they’re a goner. However, as I watched The Dessert Kitchen’s ramen-making process, I was pleasantly surprised by how enticing it looked. I was amazed by the creativity of it all, especially the way the jelly was chopped to resemble noodles, as well as the idea to use the icy evaporated milk as “broth.” The fresh fruit mixed with the jelly noodles and icy evaporated milk not only makes for a colorful plate, but also seems like a refreshing combination of flavors. It made me wonder if the restaurant will be introducing more flavor combinations or customizable options, and most of all, what other kinds of imaginative desserts they have in store. I guess I’ll have to make a trip to The Dessert Kitchen soon and find out. Overall, watching this video reminded me of why I’m so excited to be living in New York City, where there’s never a dull moment or an ordinary experience. It’s truly inspiring to be in a place where so many creative minds come to work on their craft and take part in making the city the fascinating and energetic place it is.

To check out more of Insider’s awesome videos, check out their YouTube page! Also, I’m hoping to put together a post about the New York City foods I’ve tried soon, but in the mean time catch up on my blog posts here.


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