1 Month in The Big Apple (Photo Gallery)

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott; Collage made using PicStitch

This Thursday marks my first month living in New York City. This place has not only filled my heart with love for its many sights, but it has also filled my phone’s camera roll. I’ve sifted through hundreds of my own photos (some, I’m embarrassed to admit, photobombed by my thumb), and compiled a gallery of some of my favorite sights and things about The Big Apple.  My hope is that, through these photos, you will be able to see New York City for the vibrant, bustling, and awe-inspiring city that it is. 


After putting together this photo gallery, I’ve got to say it’s been an awesome month in the Big Apple. Here’s to many more months in the city that never sleeps. I can’t wait for the experiences to come.

To catch up on my first month in New York, check out my past blog posts here, and to get updates about my upcoming adventures, follow my Twitter.

One thought on “1 Month in The Big Apple (Photo Gallery)”

  1. I love the photos you’ve included! They show such a variety. I’ve been to New York before, but it’s been a while since I’ve been back. It makes me feel like I’m there all over again.


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