Thank you, New York City

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

Dear New York City,

Hey, it’s me. That girl who has gotten lost not once, but two times in Central Park. I just wanted to say thank you for being such a welcoming and captivating city. At first glance, you seem intimidating, but once people get to know you they love you. I can relate to this because my resting face is somewhere between deeply melancholy and one second away from an eye roll (or so I’m told). However, like you, I swear I’m a delight (no one has told me this). But I digress. This letter is about you.

I want to thank you for being a home to so many diverse and unique people. People watching is never dull here. I once overheard a man insisting to his wife/girlfriend that he didn’t have time to shampoo his hair because they were going to be late for a movie. Also, on two separate occasions, I have heard what sounds like maniacal cackling echo throughout the streets. One of these occasions was Halloween, which is understandable, but the other was November 11, which is less so.

I am grateful that much of Manhattan is organized in a grid system, making it easy to find my way around. Without this, I would certainly be helplessly lost and forced to rely on my phone’s map application which always seems to be more lost than I am.

Thank you for your liveliness and truly being the city that never sleeps. I know sometimes the honking horns and rumbling trucks annoy me. Remember that time when I first moved in and thought my room was so noisy because my window was open? And then I checked and it was, in fact, closed? However, I have really grown to appreciate your noise because it further proves how much personality and spirit you have, and how there will never be a dull moment. Also, I can no longer sleep without the sweet lullaby of road rage.

Finally, I want to thank you for being a place where so many hardworking and ambitious people come to pursue their dreams, giving you the energy and spirit that makes you such a great city. I am so grateful to be able to call you my new home and to chase my dreams alongside your dedicated and unique inhabitants.


A Small Worm in the Big Apple

2 thoughts on “Thank you, New York City”

  1. It’s not usual to see people writing a letter to a place but rather a person. This was very touching and a different point of view on how far you can take your writing. It’s very inspirational to see how moving someplace you love changes your perception on life. Keep it up!


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