Question: Why New York?

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

Why do you want to live in New York?

As a California native, I am asked this question a lot by family, friends, and even total strangers. Most of the time, they are incredulous that I would choose to leave such perfect, consistent weather behind. At first, having never been to New York, I didn’t really know how to clarify my East Coast dreams. Continue reading “Question: Why New York?”

A Worm Welcome


We’ve all been the new kid before, trying to find our way in a new place, job, or school (maybe even a combination of these). It takes time and a lot of hard-earned experience to shake the label of “new kid.” I remember the first time I was given this label. It was the first day of fourth grade and my family had just moved from California’s Central Coast to Northern California. As I stepped out of my mother’s car and onto the school’s asphalt, I quickly realized that I stuck out like a sore thumb. Continue reading “A Worm Welcome”