NYC’s Newest Dessert Craze: Sweet Ramen

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed since moving to New York City, it’s that there is no shortage of unique and creative foods. In fact, in the three weeks I’ve been here, I’ve tried a variety of interesting and delicious concoctions like butternut squash mac and cheese, sweet potato burgers, and edible cookie dough. It seems New York City always has a finger on the pulse of innovative foods. Insider’s newest video about The Dessert Kitchen’s sweet ramen takes an in-depth look at just one of those foods you can only find in the Big Apple.

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A Definitive Ranking of New York City Trash

You’ve seen lists detailing the best slices of pizza and must-see attractions, but what about the top trash piles? As I continue to explore this magnificent city, I’ve seen a range of trash piles—nay, mountains—and I’ve decided to rank them all for you, from least to most impressive.

  1. A Styrofoam Container with a Plastic Straw
Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

While this trash gets points for buoyancy (I mean, look at those lightweight items floatin’ around in that little puddle), it fails to generate the magnitude of a full-fledged pile of garbage. It’s like when someone tries to coordinate a flash mob, and only one of their friends shows up to participate. It’s just sad and a little desperate. Still, I’m all for rooting for an underdog, so maybe I shouldn’t judge these guys just yet.

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Staying Safe in the City

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

This week, NBC New York reported the arrest of a suspect in a subway slashing incident. According to the article on NBC New York’s website, the man was suspected of slashing another man across the face with a box cutter on a subway train in midtown Manhattan Thursday morning. This incident brings the total of slashing and stabbing incidents on New York City subways to 52, keeping up with last year’s statistics.

That number grabbed my attention as a new New Yorker, and continued to stay on my mind after friends and family reached out to me worried about my safety in the city. In response to this news,  I thought I would take the time to address safety concerns in the Big Apple.
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A Worm Welcome


We’ve all been the new kid before, trying to find our way in a new place, job, or school (maybe even a combination of these). It takes time and a lot of hard-earned experience to shake the label of “new kid.” I remember the first time I was given this label. It was the first day of fourth grade and my family had just moved from California’s Central Coast to Northern California. As I stepped out of my mother’s car and onto the school’s asphalt, I quickly realized that I stuck out like a sore thumb. Continue reading “A Worm Welcome”