Q&A With Hogan Fulton

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

This evening, I had the opportunity to interview actor/dancer Hogan Fulton, 21, at the 8th Avenue/39th Street Starbucks about all things New York City. I wanted to get a perspective on New York City living from someone who’s much more accustomed to the city than I am. At just 17 years old, Hogan landed a part in the Broadway musical Newsies, moving from small town Newbury Park, California to the Big Apple. After working and living in the city for two years, Hogan returned to California to attend UC Berkeley, but has since been drawn back to the city, embarking on year three as a New Yorker. Continue reading “Q&A With Hogan Fulton”

Staying Safe in the City

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

This week, NBC New York reported the arrest of a suspect in a subway slashing incident. According to the article on NBC New York’s website, the man was suspected of slashing another man across the face with a box cutter on a subway train in midtown Manhattan Thursday morning. This incident brings the total of slashing and stabbing incidents on New York City subways to 52, keeping up with last year’s statistics.

That number grabbed my attention as a new New Yorker, and continued to stay on my mind after friends and family reached out to me worried about my safety in the city. In response to this news,  I thought I would take the time to address safety concerns in the Big Apple.
Continue reading “Staying Safe in the City”