Storify: Small Moments in the Big Apple

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott
Blogging about my experiences in New York City this semester has been so fun, and was a great way to keep a record of all that I explored and learned in the city along the way. Looking back through my posts over these past three months makes me proud to see all the work I’ve accomplished and accumulated. Through this “Storify”, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts from the blog.

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A Worm Welcome


We’ve all been the new kid before, trying to find our way in a new place, job, or school (maybe even a combination of these). It takes time and a lot of hard-earned experience to shake the label of “new kid.” I remember the first time I was given this label. It was the first day of fourth grade and my family had just moved from California’s Central Coast to Northern California. As I stepped out of my mother’s car and onto the school’s asphalt, I quickly realized that I stuck out like a sore thumb. Continue reading “A Worm Welcome”