Q&A With Hogan Fulton

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

This evening, I had the opportunity to interview actor/dancer Hogan Fulton, 21, at the 8th Avenue/39th Street Starbucks about all things New York City. I wanted to get a perspective on New York City living from someone who’s much more accustomed to the city than I am. At just 17 years old, Hogan landed a part in the Broadway musical Newsies, moving from small town Newbury Park, California to the Big Apple. After working and living in the city for two years, Hogan returned to California to attend UC Berkeley, but has since been drawn back to the city, embarking on year three as a New Yorker. Continue reading “Q&A With Hogan Fulton”

NYC Driver Honks Horn, Sparks Street Wide Movement

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

NEW YORK CITY – Sunday, November 27, 2016

On Saturday night, 38-year-old New York City driver Thad Hanks honked his car horn while cruising down W 35th Street, sparking a miles long symphony of honking horns throughout the city. “It was kind of a freeing experience, actually,” said Hanks in a press conference Sunday. Initially, Hanks honked his car horn when the car in front of him stopped at a red light. “I’ll admit I was frustrated that this person in front of me would dare to obey traffic laws.” However, his frustration soon turned to pure joy when the truck driver next to him joined in with a series of rapid honks. Continue reading “NYC Driver Honks Horn, Sparks Street Wide Movement”

Thank you, New York City

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

Dear New York City,

Hey, it’s me. That girl who has gotten lost not once, but two times in Central Park. I just wanted to say thank you for being such a welcoming and captivating city. At first glance, you seem intimidating, but once people get to know you they love you. I can relate to this because my resting face is somewhere between deeply melancholy and one second away from an eye roll (or so I’m told). However, like you, I swear I’m a delight (no one has told me this). But I digress. This letter is about you.

Continue reading “Thank you, New York City”

Question: Why New York?

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

Why do you want to live in New York?

As a California native, I am asked this question a lot by family, friends, and even total strangers. Most of the time, they are incredulous that I would choose to leave such perfect, consistent weather behind. At first, having never been to New York, I didn’t really know how to clarify my East Coast dreams. Continue reading “Question: Why New York?”

A Worm Welcome


We’ve all been the new kid before, trying to find our way in a new place, job, or school (maybe even a combination of these). It takes time and a lot of hard-earned experience to shake the label of “new kid.” I remember the first time I was given this label. It was the first day of fourth grade and my family had just moved from California’s Central Coast to Northern California. As I stepped out of my mother’s car and onto the school’s asphalt, I quickly realized that I stuck out like a sore thumb. Continue reading “A Worm Welcome”