Storify: Small Moments in the Big Apple

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott
Blogging about my experiences in New York City this semester has been so fun, and was a great way to keep a record of all that I explored and learned in the city along the way. Looking back through my posts over these past three months makes me proud to see all the work I’ve accomplished and accumulated. Through this “Storify”, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts from the blog.

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Video: Roamin’ The Big Apple

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

Wow, I can’t believe I only have one week left of interning in New York before I return to campus to complete my last semester of college. The three months I’ve been here in the city have truly been memorable and amazing. Continue reading “Video: Roamin’ The Big Apple”

Q&A With Hogan Fulton

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

This evening, I had the opportunity to interview actor/dancer Hogan Fulton, 21, at the 8th Avenue/39th Street Starbucks about all things New York City. I wanted to get a perspective on New York City living from someone who’s much more accustomed to the city than I am. At just 17 years old, Hogan landed a part in the Broadway musical Newsies, moving from small town Newbury Park, California to the Big Apple. After working and living in the city for two years, Hogan returned to California to attend UC Berkeley, but has since been drawn back to the city, embarking on year three as a New Yorker. Continue reading “Q&A With Hogan Fulton”

How To: Get Utterly and Completely Lost Inside the 42nd St Subway Station

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

Having lived in New York a short time, I don’t yet feel like a total expert on all things NYC. However, if there’s one thing I’ve discovered I’m an expert in as a newbie, it’s getting lost. Most recently, I got utterly and completely lost inside the 42nd St subway station in Times Square. Here’s my step-by-step guide on how I did it, so you too may get utterly and completely lost inside the 42nd St subway station. All you need for this tutorial are:

-Adjacency to the 42nd St subway station

-A Metro Card

-A dumbfounded and confused expression
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NYC’s Newest Dessert Craze: Sweet Ramen

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed since moving to New York City, it’s that there is no shortage of unique and creative foods. In fact, in the three weeks I’ve been here, I’ve tried a variety of interesting and delicious concoctions like butternut squash mac and cheese, sweet potato burgers, and edible cookie dough. It seems New York City always has a finger on the pulse of innovative foods. Insider’s newest video about The Dessert Kitchen’s sweet ramen takes an in-depth look at just one of those foods you can only find in the Big Apple.

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A Definitive Ranking of New York City Trash

You’ve seen lists detailing the best slices of pizza and must-see attractions, but what about the top trash piles? As I continue to explore this magnificent city, I’ve seen a range of trash piles—nay, mountains—and I’ve decided to rank them all for you, from least to most impressive.

  1. A Styrofoam Container with a Plastic Straw
Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

While this trash gets points for buoyancy (I mean, look at those lightweight items floatin’ around in that little puddle), it fails to generate the magnitude of a full-fledged pile of garbage. It’s like when someone tries to coordinate a flash mob, and only one of their friends shows up to participate. It’s just sad and a little desperate. Still, I’m all for rooting for an underdog, so maybe I shouldn’t judge these guys just yet.

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