Q&A With Hogan Fulton

Photo Credit: Celine Elliott

This evening, I had the opportunity to interview actor/dancer Hogan Fulton, 21, at the 8th Avenue/39th Street Starbucks about all things New York City. I wanted to get a perspective on New York City living from someone who’s much more accustomed to the city than I am. At just 17 years old, Hogan landed a part in the Broadway musical Newsies, moving from small town Newbury Park, California to the Big Apple. After working and living in the city for two years, Hogan returned to California to attend UC Berkeley, but has since been drawn back to the city, embarking on year three as a New Yorker.

Why did you want to move to New York?

I wanted to move to New York because I booked a job doing a musical on Broadway. I was also drawn to the excitement of the city.

How long did it take you to feel like you knew your way around?

Probably a year. When I was working I took the same path all the time, but after that I lived in a couple different neighborhoods, so probably a year it took me to get familiar with all the trains. (pauses) Well, maybe more like three months. It’s like a grid, so it’s pretty straightforward.

What advice would you give to people moving to New York?

Try to find housing before you get here and try to find a job before you get here, honestly. It’s kind of like a fantasy to move here and try to wing it, but it’s kind of unrealistic.

What’s your advice on finding roommates?

They always say you should live with a friend of a friend, not like your best friend. Right now, I live with people who are not my age and it’s working out, so maybe that’s also a tip. They’re like 10-20 years older than me and it’s like we all respect each other’s space. So don’t live with college kids or friends.

What’s your ideal day in the city?

My ideal day in New York is 70 degrees, sunny and windy. Trains are running smoothly. And getting to walk through Central Park.

What’s your favorite neighborhood and why?

I like the East and West Villages. I like thrifting.

Any favorite stores in that area?

Well, St Mark’s is a street where I’ve gotten a tattoo before and there used to be a vintage store called Trash and Vaudeville, but since I’ve been back it’s gone. They had cool stuff there.

What is the best way to save money living in New York?

Live outside of the city because it’s not that far away. If you live in Queens or Brooklyn, it’s still super close, it’s like 30 minutes on the train. You can save a lot of money living outside the city and you’re probably going to have to if you’re moving to the city for the first time.

What’s something you wish you knew before moving to New York?

How cold it is. The weather, and the slipping on the street, like the ice on the street. It’s kind of shocking in the winter.

What’s your favorite season in New York and why?

I really do like cold weather because I hate the hot. So I’d rather be cold, but not as cold as it does get [in winter]. So I guess fall, when’s it’s getting there.

Is there anything in particular you like to do in the fall?

I like to walk through the park, and walk around the city.

What’s your favorite park?

Fort Tryon Park. It’s huge. It has the Cloisters which is part of MOMA.

Describe New York City in one word.

I think, crowded. I think that’s the most apparent thing. I can’t really compare New York to what’s it like in other major cities.

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